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Bring your unwanted heirlooms, power tools, and stereos to Florida Pawn and turn them into money in your pocket.
We pay cash for gold, jewelry, electronics, guns, and all sorts of large items like boats, cars, and motorcycles. Your closet and garage could have a variety of watches, necklaces, televisions, circular saws, and even your old station wagon that you can sell or pawn at one of our locations to go in the bank or toward a new bike for weekend highway cruising. While you’re in the shop, take a look around at our inventory to find a new set of earrings or a power drill. For times between paydays, we offer collateral loans to get money in your hand.

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Florida Pawn has been established since 2010, and the experience acquired throughout the years as well as the relationships we have built give us the ability to offer the most for your items. Our two locations are open six days a week to offer you the best deal for your goods, whether you’re buying, selling, or pawning. Get cash for your power tools, electronics, and other items taking up space at home.