Bags of Cash

Are you looking for an efficient way to raise funds using the belongings you already have? Or maybe you're ready to let go of your vintage pieces for a profit? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, one place you could look to visit is a pawn shop.  

Pawnshops are known to compensate those that bring in one-of-a-kind, rare, vintage or designer items such as clothes, shoes, jewellery or handbags. If you are in possession of any of these and would like the extra cash - it's time to head on over to the nearest Fla-pawn shop near you. 

Are you looking for a reliable pawn shop to sell your unused handbags for a profit? Visit us at Fla-Pawn for more information on how you can do so today. 

Handbags and pawnshops

If you have taken a peek at your closet after years of collecting (or hoarding) items, a great way to turn a profit is to identify special pieces in your handbag collection and take them to a pawnshop to sell or pawn off. 

These handbags might hold more value than you initially thought! 

You might be thinking, how do I know which handbags a pawn shop will take? 

In general, pawn shops will pay a fair amount for any handbag. So if the condition of your handbag is not so great, you can expect a lower price. But if it’s in pristine condition, you can count on the handbag being more profitable. 

You can also expect a higher price when the handbags are designer items. Keep reading to learn more about pawning designer bags. 

How do I know which handbags are suitable for pawning? 

If your handbag collection includes designer bags such as Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Yves Saint Laurent, Prada or any other designer brands of handbags, you can be sure to fetch a pretty price. 

The rarer the piece, the higher price they can get!  

If your handbags are collecting dust, no longer your favourite, or do not fit your current style or aesthetic, you might want to get rid of them. Whether your handbag is a clutch, shoulder, tote or sling bag, you can definitely get a good deal from those. 

Before bringing a handbag to a pawnshop, you should first examine the condition your handbag is in. Its condition is one of the determining factors of the value you can get from the item. 

Here are the things you should look at before heading down to the nearest pawn shop: 

Condition of the material

Whether your handbag is made of genuine leather, lambskin, or velvet, examine how well your piece has held up. 

Check for minor scratches, tears, and stains before coming into the shop. If the stain is huge, you can take the handbag to a professional cleaner or restorer to improve the price. 

Condition of the hardware and other small details

Examine the bag's straps, handles, zips, buckles and other hardware that are prone to the wear and tear of usage over the years. 

Missing items can cause the value to go down so be sure that everything is intact. 

Designer and collection

A great way to determine the value of your handbag is to check which designer and from what collection it's from. 

Is it a ready-to-wear piece you bought at the Chanel store? Or maybe the handbag came right off the runway? Your handbag could also be limited edition or have limited pieces available in the market. 

Depending on how rare or in-style your piece is, it could determine how much you can get for designer bags. 

Remember that handbag prices can fluctuate for designer handbags depending on the current fashion trends as this impacts their desirability.

Fla-Pawn offers you two options to release cash from your handbags


If you aren't ready to let go of your handbag just yet, Fla-Pawn offers loan options for our clients that still want their pieces but need the cash urgently. 

A pawn shop loan is an easy and convenient way to get a loan as you do not need to have a good credit history. You also don't need to put anything up for collateral, like your house when getting a loan from the bank. 

The only thing you need to do is bring in the item you want to give for a loan, and that becomes the item up for collateral. Be sure to also bring a valid form of identification for security purposes. Fla-Pawn will then appraise your item to assess its value. Based on its condition and other factors listed above, we give a loan offer that includes the loan length and the interest rate. 

If you accept the terms and conditions of the loan, your item will be stored securely by Fla-Pawn for the loan term. You can return and repay the loan at any point during the loan term and your handbag will be safe and sound. 

Once the term is coming to an end, you will need to repay the loan with the agreed interest. If you can’t afford to repay the loan, you should contact us as we may be able to extend the term as we draw up a new contract. 

If you don’t return your item, the handbag is considered sold to us as collateral and may be sold to retrieve the loan amount, as per the agreement between us.


If you're ready to let go of your handbag, pawn shops also have an option for that. 

If you no longer want your handbag and just want the cash from it, we will happily buy the item from you. Again, the value of your items is dependent on the condition and other factors such as its desirability, how rare it is, and more.

Simply bring the handbag into one of Fla-Pawn's branches so that we can appraise it and give you a fair offer.

Trustworthy and reliable pawn shop services with Fla-Pawn! 

Visit one of our stores for a safe and reliable pawn transaction with Fla-Pawn today!