Designer watches: preloved vs new

Designer watches: preloved vs new

Purchasing a designer watch can be a big investment especially if you like some of the high-end brands that carry the big ticket price tags. So why not save yourself some of the money and invest in a preloved designer watch instead?

Why choose a preloved watch?

Preloved watches in most cases are less expensive than what they were when they were new. There are a few exceptions of rare and sought-after watches that are investment pieces that can increase in value. So you can often get a great deal on a preloved watch and one of the better places to look is in a pawn shop.

Designer watches and jewelry are some of the most popular items for selling at pawn shops as they hold a significant value and they tend to be items that are well kept and therefore suitable for selling. Pawn shops provide a safe and reliable place to purchase designer watches and jewelry as they do a lot of the hard work for you in checking the item for you and valuing it.

How do you know you are getting a good deal?

With a huge market for counterfeit designer watches you can be easily misled into believing a watch is genuine when it isn’t. This means that you need to be alert and know what you are looking for in a designer watch. Some of the things that you can check for include looking at the materials and finishing to see if it matches the genuine design, also look at the quality of the engraving as genuine designer watchers will have much finer engraving. Finally, you can check for serial numbers and see if there is any paperwork to confirm the purchase of the watch as a genuine product.

If feel apprehensive about working out if a watch is a genuine designer watch, then the easiest option is to choose a route where this is done for you such as buying from a pawn shop that will conduct these validation checks when they purchase the watch.

It is also useful to plan ahead and do some research on the type of watch you want to purchase so that not only do you know what you are looking at in terms of whether it is genuine, but also the possible value of the watch. This can help you to negotiate the best price for it.

Best place to buy a preloved designer watch in Florida

In Florida, there is no better place to buy your next designer watch than in one of our pawn shops. With our knowledge and experience, you can rely on us for competitively priced, genuine designer watches. Visit us in our Hollywood or Margate stores to see what we have available.