Diamond Accented Jewelry at South Florida Pawn Shops

Diamond Accented Jewelry at South Florida Pawn Shops

Jewelry remains one of the staple items in our pawn shops where we offer a wide range of types and styles of jewelry. One of our favoured styles that is always popular is diamond accented jewelry as these are such classic pieces.

What is diamond accented jewelry?

Jewelry is classed as being diamond accented when the piece features a central stone or stones that are surrounded by smaller diamonds to accentuate the main stone or stones. These smaller diamonds are designed to enhance the effect of the larger stone or stones without making it an overwhelming or complicated piece. You often find them in rings or necklaces, but they can be featured in most jewelry types.

Why is diamond accented jewelry popular?

Diamond accented jewelry is popular because the style adds elegance and personality to a piece by creating extra sparkle and volume. This can make the piece pop even more and make it more special to the wearer.

What jewelry can you buy at a pawn shop?

You can purchase a wide variety of jewelry from pawn shops and our range is constantly changing as we get new and different pieces all the time. We stock all different types of rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, chains, earrings and brooches, and many pieces include diamond accents.

Buying accented diamond jewelry in South Florida

If you are looking for a special piece of jewelry or diamond accented jewelry then visiting one of our stores is a good idea before you visit a regular jewelry retailer. Jewelry sold through a pawn shop is generally better value for money as we don’t charge the same markups and you aren’t buying a new piece.

Our jewelry is fairly and competitively priced based on a thorough appraisal of the piece which will take into account the quality of the stones in the piece and the type and quality of the metal in the piece. We give sellers a fair price and we retail pieces at competitive prices.

As an experienced pawnbroker with a good reputation, you can trust that we will provide you with a friendly and professional service. We have a wealth of experience in handling jewelry and know what to look for.

So call into our Hollywood or Margate stores to see what diamond accented jewelry we have on offer. Our staff will be pleased to welcome you and help you in purchasing your next piece of jewelry or a gift for a loved one.