Guide to buying a used smartphone

Guide to buying a used smartphone

Not all of us can afford to or want to spend large amounts of money on a new smartphone when we need to upgrade or replace a lost/damaged smartphone. So, could a used smartphone be the cheaper and better option?

Buying a new smartphone is a big investment with the average price of a smartphone costing around $823 and high-end models costing much more. So, if you don’t want the latest model or the pricey tag that goes with it, then a used smartphone is a good option, but how do you know you are getting a good deal?

Tips for buying a used smartphone

Buying electronic goods especially when they have so much functionality can be confusing and knowing what you should be looking for in addition on a used model makes it seem harder. The key is to arm yourself with the information on what you want to buy and then check for the following:

  • Software updates – it is important to know that manufacturers only support the smartphone software for a limited time which is generally three years, and after this point, the phone may become vulnerable to hackers and have compatibility issues with apps. A couple of manufacturers have longer support periods such as Samsung tends to offer four years and Apple five years.
  • Does it work – turn the smartphone on and play with it a little bit to see if it operates ok. You should look at whether the buttons are operational and not worn or not functioning.
  • Charging ports – look at the charging port to see if the port has suffered any damage or shows heavy wear and tear.
  • Battery – often the battery is the first thing to go on a smartphone, so check whether a replacement battery has been installed or whether a new one can be economically replaced in the future.
  • Network – some smartphones may have been originally sold with a network lock on them to prevent them from operating on another network so it is worth checking if it will work on your network.

One further tip, once you have bought the phone, is to return it to the factory setting to remove anything left on the phone and optimise it for you.

Where to go for a used smartphone

If like us you like to see the smartphone before you buy it and you want assurance that it is fully operational but still want a good deal, then you should head to a pawn shop. Why? Firstly, buying a used smartphone from a pawn shop allows you to buy it safely face-to-face. Secondly, all smartphones are thoroughly checked before they are purchased to ensure they are in good condition and operating. Thirdly, we offer competitive prices for smartphones so you will get a good deal.

So why not visit us in either our Hollywood or Margate stores to see what great smartphones we have on offer?