How much might I make from selling my items?

How much might I make from selling my items?

If you are looking to get your hands on some cash quickly then a pawn shop might be the answer. At our two Florida based stores you can sell your belongings at a good price or pawn them to raise funds and get them back later when you have repaid the loan.

There are so many things that you can sell or pawn to us that we have created this example below of what one person might have that they could sell.

Handbag items and wearables

  • Prada handbag - $900
  • Dior shoes - £155
  • Fendi sunglasses - $295
  • Samsung S10 - $215
  • Gucci watch - $950

You may not want to part from items that you use frequently but often we have multiples of these items or older versions of them that are sat in a drawer or a wardrobe that could be making you some money. It is worth taking some time to look through your wardrobe and drawers for items that you wouldn’t miss but could make you some money.

Things in the home

Our homes are often cramped with things that we no longer need or use so it's worth looking around, especially in storage areas for items that you won’t miss or thought were already gone. For example:

In the lounge:

  • Microsoft Xbox One - $180
  • Bose Base Module 500 speaker - $430
  • Vizo 55in 4K UHD Smart TV - $500
  • MSI Crosshair 17 17.3in gaming laptop - $1300
  • iPad Air 4 - $380
  • Olympus OM-D E-M19 Mark III - $580

In the bedroom:

  • Emerald ring - $320
  • 18kt white gold earrings - $135
  • 18kt white gold necklace - $165
  • Vans Ultrarange - $50
  • Burberry reversible belt – $260

In the basement:

  • Yamaha drum set – $500
  • Mountain bike - $1,500

These examples are to give you an idea of what you might find and the value, but values can vary depending on the age, condition, brand and model. Getting an appraisal at one of our stores is the only way to find out the true value of your items.

An appraisal will allow us to inspect the item and we will be looking for signs of wear and tear and other things that might impact its value. We will verify it is genuine and in a fully working condition if appropriate. We will give you a price to sell the item and a loan amount if you are interested and you can decide which route you want to take.

Visit one of our stores in Hollywood or Margate to see what your unwanted items are worth.