Sell Used Electronics at A Pawnshop: A Guide

As you upgrade your old, outdated electronics, you find yourself looking to sell the old equipment. But the internet isn't so reliable when it comes to transactions online. Many end up with piles and piles of useless electronics they don't have any use for. 

Are you looking for a simple way to get rid of all your outdated electronic gear and make some serious cash? 

It's time to find a Fla-Pawn shop near you. 

Pawnshops are amazing avenues to get money quickly, without having to go through all those tedious bank records and contracts. 

A New York City institution for more than 70 years, Fla-Pawn deals with a vast range of goods and valuables, including electronic equipment that you may no longer need. 

As the electronic pawn shop of choice, we examine old equipment and offer great prices. Although you can find other pawn shops that buy electronics, no one else has the first-rate expertise and attentive customer services that the Fla-Pawn team provides.

Get rid of those electronic-filled drawers by visiting us today for more information about how your gadget might be priced! 

A simple checklist before visiting a pawn shop

Before even stepping into a pawnshop, here are some things you must do before selling your item off: 

    1. Contact the pawn shop you plan to negotiate with. Avoid wasting your time going from pawnshop to pawnshop that ends up not buying your product anyway. Take the time to call ahead and inquire about their terms and conditions for electronics and if they take the specific model or brand that you are planning to sell or pawn off. 
  • Clean your device or have it cleaned. Although you can sell it as it is, cleaning your device first generates a higher value, meaning more room for negotiation. There are some cases where pawnshops don't accept electronics in terrible condition, so be sure to have it cleaned, professionally, if the budget allows. 
  • Give it a factory reset. When you are done with your electronics, that doesn't mean they still don't have your data. Make sure to do a factory reset on all your devices. Each device has a different method of doing so. Without a factory reset, someone can easily access your previous data such as photos, old passwords, or other credit information you might have saved on your phone. 
  • Prove your device still works. If you want to get the most out of your old gadget, provide proof that your device still works. 
  • Which electronic devices are most valuable?

    Now that you're prepped and ready to go, it's time to understand which items rake in the most cash, and those that don't - just to temper your expectations. 

    Devices that are most valuable to a pawnshop: 

    • Laptops (Macs, Dell, Samsung, Lenovo)
    • Tablets (iPads, etc.)
    • Smartphones (iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel)
    • Television sets
    • Video game systems (Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo)
    • First-generation Apple products

    Devices that are not so popular at pawnshops: 

    • Obsolete brands that didn't leave an impact in the electronics industry

    If you have any of the in-demand products mentioned above, be sure to head on over to a reliable pawnshop near you. As technology advances, the value of your gadget depreciates. 

    At Fla-Pawn, we buy a wide range of electronics. Here are some of the items we take: 

    • Computers
    • Xbox Consoles
    • PlayStation Consoles
    • Flat-Screen TV’s
    • Apple Products

    There’s no reason to let that old gear sit around and collect dust. Come to one of Fla-Pawn’s locations and trade in your old electronic junk for cash. You can find our shop locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Westchester, & Long Island, NY. We'll see you soon! 

    What electronics should I buy at a pawnshop? 

    If you're looking to purchase new sets of electronics or gadgets instead of selling, there is a wide array and variety of choices for you to browse through. Here are some of the best items to score at a pawnshop: 

    1: Computer parts and accessories 

    Even though newer computer parts or components are up-to-date and the latest model, those from 1 or even 3 years ago will still work very well, especially if you're building your own computer. Keyboards, disc drives, USB-powered items, mini-USB cables, graphics cards, and CPUs can all be found at a pawnshop - with great quality. 

    Just be sure to check for rust and test if the products are still working and if the cords are in good condition. 

    Larger computer accessories such as scanners, printers, and computer monitors can also be found at pawnshops. You can request the attendant to plug in the device and check it’s working before purchasing it. 

    2: Speakers

    If you are in the market for speakers, especially big sets, a pawnshop is a great place to start looking, before shelling out those big bucks. 

    Pawnshops usually have speakers for all kinds of occasions such as speakers for game rooms, events, garages or even home theatres. 

    3: DVDs

    Rare DVDs can still be found at a pawnshop. Although Blu-Ray and other 4K Discs rule, you can still find good-quality DVDs at pawnshops. 

    Get your fix of $2-$3 DVD’s and box sets that have been tried and tested to work well. If you purchase them in bulk, you can even negotiate for a lower price! What a steal! 

    4: Game consoles

    There are tons of game consoles available at pawnshops and if you're looking to get one, you're in luck! 

    As new consoles are released every year or so, people decide to let go of their old machines to fund their new ones. Leaving you with the opportunity to purchase their barely-used gaming consoles! 

    Enjoy one to two-year-old, half-priced consoles that are tested to work great! 

    Head on over to Fla-Pawn today to buy or sell your electronics! 

    Head to a branch near you to sell unwanted electronics in exchange for great prices. 

    We offer fair prices and great-quality electronics that you might need. Enjoy hassle-free services when you work with us. 

    We hope to see you soon!