The popularity of pawn diamonds

The popularity of pawn diamonds

Diamonds are a great way to raise funds as they are such a desirable item that holds their value. This is why so many clients pawn diamonds to raise money, but why are diamonds so desirable?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

As famously said by Marilyn Monroe in Gentleman Prefer Blondes in the 1950s, diamonds are a girl’s best friend as they are such a sought-after stone. The phrase itself is designed to show that diamonds represent wealth and luxury as well as a gesture of generosity or love. Marilyn’s words have transcended generations and have continued to raise the profile of diamonds.

However, diamonds are rightfully a popular choice of precious stone as they are such a timeless stone that is beautiful and colorless which means it can be worn with anything making it a versatile piece. Diamonds are often associated with love and are a popular choice by men buying gifts and engagement rings.

The value of diamonds

Diamonds can vary in value but they tend to hold their value well due to the supply being limited and them being a desirable stone. The value is determined based on a few factors which include the size or weight of the diamond, the clarity of the stone based on the SI scale, and the color (how colorless the stone is and the amount of pigmentation).

Valuing diamonds is not straightforward which is why we have trained and experienced members of our team who can carry out diamond appraisals. Our appraisers will be looking at the quality of the diamond and grading it and examining the jewelry it is set in. We offer some of the best rates for jewelry and diamonds so it is worth visiting us to see what your piece is valued at.

We are particularly keen on pieces that contain diamonds that are half a carat or more, have an SI clarity and are almost colorless with a grade of I.

Sell or pawn diamond pieces?

We offer to buy or pawn diamond pieces in our stores and it is up to you which you choose, we can provide an offer for both. If you don’t wear your piece of jewelry anymore and it doesn’t hold any sentimental value then you may want to sell it so you can get cash quickly. But if the piece is something that you may miss in time then you may want to pawn it so that you can return for it at the end of the loan term. You will still receive a good loan amount and loans can be arranged straight away so there are no delays with paperwork or checks (as there are no checks).

So if you have some diamond pieces and need to release some cash, visit one of our stores in Hollywood or Margate to see what it is worth.