Where to pawn diamonds Florida?

Where to pawn diamonds Florida?

If you are wanting to pawn diamonds in Florida look no further. Florida Pawn offers a great service and competitive prices for pawn diamonds and jewelry. Diamonds are a good choice for pawn collateral as they are a highly desirable stone that tends to hold their value well.

Why choose Florida Pawn?

There are many reasons to choose Florida Pawn to sell or pawn your diamonds. We offer a great service in our Hollywood and Margate stores as we take the time to examine your piece carefully to ascertain its true value and condition. We do this so that we can offer the best and fairest price for the piece which is why our prices are some of the best and most competitive. As the item includes a diamond, it will be assessed by one of our certified diamond buyers, so you can rest assured they know what they are doing.

The pawn process goes as follows – you bring in your piece for us to assess. We will appraise the piece and offer you a fair price for the item either to sell or pawn the item in exchange for a loan. We will give you the opportunity to consider the offer and if you decide to take up the pawn option we will ensure you understand the terms of the loan. Your item will be stored securely during the loan term until you return for it when the loan has been fully repaid. If you are unable to fully repay the loan within the agreed term, please speak to us to see if we can extend the term for you.

How do we assess diamonds?

Diamonds are a specialist area which is why we have certified diamond buyers as they need to be able to look for and assess certain qualities. These include the weight, the SI clarity as this determines the grade of the diamond and the color grading of the diamond, whether it is colorless or has pigmentations.

Each of these aspects will impact the value of your diamond. For example, we will pay more for diamonds that are above a half carat in weight, have SI clarity and a color grading of I (this is classed as almost colorless).

What pawn diamond items do we take?

We accept a broad range of diamond jewelry pieces which includes diamond rings, diamond necklaces, diamond earrings, diamond bracelets and diamond brooches. We are also interested in different types of diamonds which include round diamonds, princess cut diamonds, oval diamonds, pear diamonds, canary diamonds and many more.

The best thing to do if you have pawn diamonds Florida is to come along to one of our stores in Hollywood and Margate and let one of our certified diamond buyers assess your piece to find out how much it is worth and what loan amount you can get from it.