Where to Pawn Gold

Where to Pawn Gold

If you want to pawn gold then one of the best places to go in Florida is to one of our stores in Hollywood or Margate. The key reason why you should visit us is that we offer some of the best rates for gold in the area, so our prices are hard to beat.

Why pawn gold?

Gold continues to hold its value and is a great item to use as collateral for a loan as it is highly desirable whether that is as a new or used piece which is why it is a good item to pawn. Gold items are often easier to value as they tend to be more easily identifiable as gold and their carat level is more often indicated by a hallmark making it straightforward to know whether it is 9ct or 18ct for example. Gold can also be easily weighed to find out its value as it is often valued by its weight.

What might your pawn gold be worth?

The value of a piece of gold jewelry can vary in value depending on a range of factors including the type and quality of the gold, the desirability of the piece and whether the style of the piece is still popular or dated as this will make a difference on whether the item is valued by its weight alone. The condition of the piece is also important as this will determine whether it is worth only its weight in gold again.

The value will also be impacted by any stones or gems that the piece includes and whether these add any value to the piece. If these are precious stones of value such as diamonds and are of good clarity and size these will add to the value. Not all stones and gems add much value to gold pieces and sometimes the value is in the weight of the gold.

What gold items can you pawn?

We will consider a wide range of gold items as collateral for your pawn loan which includes solid and plated gold items in colors such as yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. We will consider jewelry including rings such as wedding, engagement, eternity and dress rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, watches, brooches and cuff links.

How does pawning gold work?

When you pawn gold with us one of our jewelry experts will first thoroughly appraise the item to assess its condition and what it comprises of then provide an honest and fair value for the item. We will clearly provide the loan terms including the loan amount, interest and length and give you time to consider the loan. If you are happy with the loan offer and go ahead with it we will store your jewelry securely in our vault until you return for it when the loan is fully repaid.