Will pawn shops buy game consoles?

Will pawn shops buy game consoles?

Pawn shops buy a great variety of items from people which includes a range of electronic goods like game consoles. Selling your game console to a pawn shop can be a good idea as it can be quick, convenient and you can get a great price for it.

Which game consoles do pawn shops buy?

We are interested in a range of game consoles as long as they are in good working order and in a reasonable condition to sell.

The types of game consoles that sell well are PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles, Nintendo Wii consoles and Nintendo Switch consoles. The newer the model the greater the appeal and the price will be unless you have a classic old model that is sought after, which we could also be interested in.

So, if you are looking to make some cash and you have an unused game console stored away or collecting dust then why not see what it is worth and make the most of the cash? Remember though if your game console hasn’t been used for a while you should check that it is working before bringing it to us and ensure that you have all the wires and accessories to accompany it.

What is my game console worth?

The value of your game console will depend on several factors such as its condition and the model. As mentioned it needs to be in good working order and have all the wires and accessories as these can impact the value.

The model and age of the game console also impact the value as this determines how desirable the game console is, although classic older models or special editions can be exceptions to this.

To get a good understanding of its value you are best visiting one of our stores to get a valuation and let us make an offer for it.

Why take your game console to a pawn shop?

Firstly, pawn shops offer convenience. You can visit our stores when it suits you and our stores in Hollywood and Margate are open until 6pm on weekdays and open on Saturdays.

Pawn shops also offer competitive prices for goods and you can trust that we will offer a fair price as an established pawnbroker with over 10 years of experience and a strong reputation.

Selling your game console privately can be a lot of hassle as you will need to deal with enquiries, negotiate on price and either meet the buy or post the game console to them with the risk of it being lost or damaged. When you factor in your time and inconvenience it doesn’t make sense to sell privately as you can walk into a pawn shop and out again with the cash. Pawn shops make selling game consoles an easy and quick process.

So, why not visit our Hollywood or Margate stores with your game console and see what we can offer you for it?